Cesare Attolini


Attolini is a synonymous of Naples' tailoring tradition all around the world. In the past as nowadays, three generation since 1930, it forges exclusive elegance and craftsmanship. Uncompromised expression of an absolute quality, unique culture based on know-how, untimely personalization and charm. 

The unique value of each Cesare Attolini garment lies in a series of meaningful details. Each garment is made entirely by hand in the Casalnuovo tailor’s shop, on the outskirts of Naples. 130 tailors work every day, each dedicated to performing a single step. Absolute perfectionism. The cutting techniques are unique. A wealth of exclusive expertise, consolidated over the years by the experience of Vincenzo and Cesare Attolini. 
Each stage of stitching is followed by a stage of ironing, followed in turn by precise rest stages which vary according to the specific nature of the fabric. Ultra-strict control stages, starting with checks upon receipt of the fabrics. The sense of uniqueness that every garment must carry, on leaving the Cesare Attolini workshop, is invaluable and the quality that underlies all stages of the manual working process is an undisputed dogma.

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